Saturday, October 12, 2013

Another Blog Bites the Dust

So, I have made the difficult decision to discontinue my other blog, Publish Kestrel, since I find that I post more often here, and have generated more pageviews, etc. etc. Additionally, with my ventures into LeanPub, I have a place to post my work for profit as I continue the creative effort.
I hate to be like that, but let's be real... my dream is to be a published author, which means that not only do I want to share my stories with as many people as possible, BUT I would like to be able to support my family in the process. Writing might be fun, it might be what my world revolves around, but without the bills paid, it's just a pile of paper that will never see the light of day. Besides, with the weight of the real world off my shoulders, I can focus more on creating more and more stories to tell.
Never fear, content from over there will not be lost, and much will be transferred here. Some traffic still generates there and hopefully leads here as well, but I am just providing a different venue for sneak previews into my work before final editing and publication. I will likely still post snippets here as I work as well, so if you aren't yet ready to commit to purchasing an uncompleted work, just pop in and ask for an update!

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