Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Getting Ready for November

Did I mention what a miserable blogger I am? Oh, yeah, last post, right.
Anywho, lots happening lately, not all of it wonderful, but meaningful in its own way, and all the while leading back to where we should have been all along. It is interesting how our lives lead us around in so many different directions, only to have us end up in what was the only place it could ever, should ever have been...
Like when you are reading a book; (particularly guilty are romances in this fashion) and you totally know where the characters are supposed to be in their lives, and the whole time they are struggling against fate or destiny, or whatever you want to call it, only to end up right where you knew they needed to be after all, only at last they are happy with it? Yeah, something like that.
Yeah, so totally cryptic, ha! But that's all you'll get about personal things lately from me.
So, yes, getting ready for November. In the past, I have participated in National Novel Writing Month, and have set a new goal for this year, since as noted previously, I gave up writing for a year, and it is past time I get back on with it. NaNo has been exceedingly helpful for me when it comes to writing. My biggest struggle is against procrastination, and NaNo takes away the excuses, as well as letting you know you are not alone.
The goal of NaNo is simple. Write a novel. But to be more specific, just write. The goal is to write 50,000 words of an original fiction novel in 30 days. It is not impossible, though there are times when it feels that way if you actually attempt such a feat. I did not make the goal the first time I tried, but I hammered out the word count for two years in a row, and boy, did I feel like I had accomplished something.
Now, I didn't FINISH anything, let me set you straight on that point, but I sure did have a body of work that I can work on, by golly! But this year, this year, the goal is to FINISH a story. I put my own self on forced hiatus and cooked this story over the last year, and it needs to be done already. Then I can edit, search for an agent/publisher, or hell, might even put it up on Smashwords my darn self. Anything to get it out there. Remember, the ultimate goal is to be a published author. The ultimate DREAM would be a published author that didn't have to have a day job and could focus on writing full time!
So that is what I am up to at the moment, mapping things out this month for full time writing in November. And to make it even more fun, I am dragging my fourteen year old son along for the ride! Tee hee... It's part punishment, part effort to drag some creativity out of him... It was years before something triggered a desire to read, and his writing could use some polish. So this is perfect!
I encourage anyone who is interested to join me for NaNo this year... sign up and make me a writing buddy, my profile is cmcarr12.

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