Wednesday, November 11, 2009

New Inspiration!

Thanks to the Smart Bitches, Trashy Books blog (insert link later, see side panel for now), I have a great new side angle to write from.
Poor Anne and Kate, they are just having to go through hell.
I can't say this is going to be your standard romance, there's love and sex and definitely some Happily Ever After, but in the meantime, there's rape, racism, murder, revenge, miscarriage, you name it. Ouch.
So I read the question about the importance/lack of importance in romance of the main characters having babies. Lots of books deal with the heroine getting pregnant or wrap it up at the end with her getting knocked up and yay, everything's great.
Annoying. Don't get me wrong, I love babies, have three of them myself, and in a great number of ways, they are contributing to my very own real life Happy Ending, but in many other ways, they create whole other issues that don't necessarily need to be dealt with in "category" romances.
So I started thinking about my own stories... where's the babies? Do I have babies?
- Australia - nope, no babies, at least not in my semi-fleshed out idea for it
- Empress - Most definitely a baby, it creates a big problem for the heroine, not so much for the hero, who doesn't know until near the end, but is a big part of making it a Happy Ending
- Gyrfalke - she already has one child, so children are definitely discussed and later end up in the epilogue Happy Ending cliche
- Lottery - she has two children, undecided about adding another, probably not necessary, but not sure yet
- Salome - if children get mentioned, it will be part of the epilogue Happy Ending, not because its necessary for the story to work
- Anne and Kate - Well, Anne is raped towards the beginning, because of that, she can't have children now - she'll be adopting though - Kate has a miscarriage halfway through but is otherwise okay. If she has another, it will be as part of the Happy Ending as well. Definite issues to deal with here, so Thanks SBTB!

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