Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Donovan Tremaine - Character Bio

As promised, a little more information about my hero in Salome's tale. He is more the silent thinker type than a rakish man of action. He is thoughtful, and has a good sense of humor, but he is a man caught between two worlds, the America of his youth, and his responsibilities to his English title.

Describe yourself- in great detail
My name is Donovan Christopher Tremaine. As of today’s date, March 11, 1811, I am twenty-nine years old. My birthdate is July 12, 1781. I was born in Norfolk, Virginia, which I still consider to be my home, though it has been two years since I have been there.
I am six feet tall, and broadly built, since most of my life I have worked as a ship-builder in my father’s business. This makes for some difficulty when it comes to ‘proper’ fashion, which I have to subscribe to here in London. The jackets are too tight, and cravats are stifling. Luckily, I have a phenomenal butler who sees to these sorts of things. Left to my own devices, I would choose to wear a simple shirt and breeches, but I have appearances to keep up.
I have dark hair that I prefer to keep long, fashions be damned. My eyes are dark as well, and I am naturally tanned. It comes from my mother, who was half Nottoway Indian, one of the indigenous tribes of Virginia, though there aren’t many of them left. The subject of my mother’s heritage has been one of great interest, but I prefer not to discuss it, there are enough rumors about the ‘American Earl’ as it is.
Other than that basic description, I don’t give much thought to my appearance; I’ve been far too busy with matters of business. Speaking of such, I am in London due to my inheritance of an English title. I would have much preferred to stay in America, but upon a great-uncle’s death, I was duly informed that the title carried a number of estates that were in dire need of attention.
I came to England hoping to resolve matters quickly, but the state of affairs here has kept me longer than I anticipated. The strain on the estate dictated that I sell most of the property granted me. I held onto a country estate that showed promise as a horse-breeding facility, and the land is now generating a good profit once I made some improvements and installed a good administrator. I also possess a townhome in London and have made some solid financial investments. I am not considered a ‘catch’, but I am comfortable and have enough to enjoy a modest lifestyle.
The ship-building business has been a bit more difficult to look after from such a great distance. I am hoping to secure a contract with an American shipping firm, Kestrel Shipping, which will do a great deal to keep my employees taken care of and continue to keep my father’s reputation intact. He did well for himself supplying the American Navy (such as it is) during the Revolution, and hope to honor his memory. He was a good, hard-working man.
I have made a few good friends in my time here in England. A few other noblemen of diverse interests and talents, and when I am not working, I spend a good deal of time with them. They enjoy gambling, boxing, fencing, and of course women. One of them in particular is more of a rake than the others, but he is always good for a laugh.
After spending some time squaring away business matters, it became apparent to me that I would need to spend more time socializing amongst the ton if I were to be more successful. To that end, until recently, I have kept a mistress, a widow, who was well-connected socially, and I have been able to establish myself more securely. She was far too demanding, and though she made a decent bed-mate, she has outlived her usefulness. Her petty jealousies and tantrums were just too taxing.
I do not make a habit of frequenting whores, though I do enjoy the company of women, so long as they are well-read and have more thoughts in their heads beyond fashion and gossip. I cannot abide idle women. The women in America are more to my taste. They are not afraid to speak their minds. In England, this is considered ill-bred, but I much prefer good conversation and activity. The ‘fair English roses’ considered to be so attractive are just too bland for me.
My acquaintances have harped on me about the necessity of finding a bride in order to continue the title, however, I would prefer to find a woman more interested in sharing my life as an equal rather than as a brood mare or social connection. Given my circumstances, with ties to both America and England, I think it will be difficult to find a wife that will support both, but I am hopeful. I would desire to have a family some day.
Neither the life of the gentry or as a ship-builder are my true passions. I would prefer I think to live as a country squire, raising horses, and God willing, a family. I never had any brothers or sisters, but I have friends in America with large families, and though children bring their own trials, I think I would enjoy them. Raising sons and daughters with the values of hard work and caring towards their fellow man would be a point of pride with me.
As it is, I am content with my life thus far. I am still young, and will continue to look out for my future. The Season is coming up, and given my mistress-free status, I am looking forward to pursuing feminine companionship. I would be content with a more agreeable mistress, or if an attractive debutante with a mind of her own were to suddenly appear, I would not be amiss to pursuing an engagement. I am not going to keep my fingers crossed on either count however.

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