Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Character Development - Anne and Kate part 2

Hero: Gabriel Francisco Xavier Montez, usually called Xavier or just Montez, though Kate often calls him by ‘girly’ nicknames like Gabby or Franny, occasionally Monty – age 29

-Job: A Major for the Yankee army, he is a lawyer who investigates criminal cases that involve soldiers. He is currently stationed in Natchez, Mississippi.
-Appearance: About 6’0”. Mexican and French heritage. Black hair and dark brown eyes, deeply tanned skin. Lean and well toned build. Very dapper.
-Intellect: Highly intelligent, educated in Boston. Very perceptive of people, and great with words.
-Family: Mexican Nobility, Father of Mexican descent, married a French Noblewoman. Youngest son of the family of 4 older siblings, with a brother as his father’s heir, and 3 sisters, all are married and still living in Texas.
-History: The family was settled in what would later become Texas, and his father was influential in the government of the Republic of Texas, even fighting in the Mexican American War. Xavier was born in 1837. As the youngest son, he was sent to receive his education so that he might have a career, and went to receive his law education at Harvard in Boston in 1855. Later, he moved to California and opened a law practice, which is where he met Alexander. (More later) He joined the Union Army with the first Draft in 1861. Although most of his fellow Texans joined the Southern army, Xavier was not in agreement with their cause. He found himself stationed in Natchez, Mississippi at the end of the war, and was then a Major. His present job is as investigator.
-Aspirations: Although he is close to his family, as youngest son, he does not feel obligated to return home to Texas to settle. He and Alexander have agreed to become business partners, and when they are released from service in the Army, plan to settle in the expanding Midwest. Xavier is getting tired of being a lawyer because of all the disappointments with failures in the system, so he would like to start a quiet homestead somewhere like what his father has in Texas.
-Attitude: Because his family has ties with nobility and are very wealthy, Xavier is very proper, with a mind very attuned to his ‘duty’. He has a strong sense of justice, which is why he chose to become a lawyer, and did not sympathize with the Southern cause in the Civil War. He seeks to always do what is right. He is also under pressure from his family to find a ‘proper’ bride, so he is often seen at parties, though he has not found anyone that piques his interest.
-Perceptions: He is a young debutante’s dream… but he is very reserved. He is seen as the dark and mysterious type, and he and Alexander are the targets of many husband hunters.
-Hobbies: Xavier has been known to play a hand of cards or two in gentlemanly circles, as well as your typical upper class pursuits. However, Xavier really just prefers the peace of the outdoors with horses and such.
-Goals: Along with Alexander, upon leaving the Army, Xavier has plans to settle in the Midwest and start a cattle ranch. He would like to find a willing bride of the right quality, but also the right strength to endure the hardships he knows are there.

Hero: Alexander Phillipe Durandt, called Alex or Durandt, Kate calls him ‘Lexi’ – age 29

-Job: Alex is also a Major in the Union Army, serving as a Doctor. He is currently stationed in Natchez, Mississippi.
-Appearance: Very tall, about 6’4”. Sandy blonde hair and blue-gray eyes. Very broad and muscular, but with a surprisingly sensitive touch for his size, from being a doctor. Also very dapper.
-Intellect: Extremely intelligent and well read. Keeps on top of latest medical inventions and treatments.
-Family: French father and English mother. Father deceased, mother living in San Francisco, California.
-History: Born in England in 1837 on the same day as Queen Victoria’s coronation. Moved to America with the start of the gold rush in California that began in 1848. His father claimed rights to a gold mine in the mountains near Sacramento, but was murdered in 1850 in an attempt to gain control of his mine, which was quickly becoming very profitable. Alex’s mother assumed control of the mine and its operation, fighting off would-be suitors and trespassers and becoming VERY rich in the process. Alex is very proud of his mother in this regard. The mine ceased production in 1855, having played out its vein, and Alex was sent to England to train as a doctor at his mother’s insistence, seeing the need for competent doctors in the quickly growing state. She retired to San Francisco, and leads a very social life as one of the richest women around. She has no interest in remarrying, and Alexander will inherit the bulk of her money, the rest going to charity, which she has invested. Alex moved back to California after school to practice, and met Xavier there. He also joined the Union Army with the first Draft in 1861. He served in many field hospitals throughout the war, and is currently in Natchez, Mississippi.
-Aspirations: It was no great trial to Alex to become a doctor, his inclinations are to help people less fortunate than he is, and he finds comfort in his job. He has seen much death and pain in the war, but is not completely disillusioned yet. He is partners with Xavier to start a cattle ranch in the Midwest, where the plan is for Xavier to control the handling of the ranch, and for Alex to be the ‘face-man’, handling deals with buyers and suppliers.
-Attitude: Perhaps because of his education in England, Alex is very proper like Xavier, but because of his early life in the gold fields of California, he is no stranger to the working man’s life. He can still remember living in a cabin and working from sunup to sundown with his mother. He admires his father for risking everything and giving up his life to protect what was his, and hopes he can make his mother proud. He plays the society game because his mother wishes him to do so, but also like Xavier, he would rather just be outdoors. He can spot a gold-digger from a mile away, and gets close to few people.
-Perceptions: Alex has a British accent, inherited from his mother and his time in England, and women find him OH so charming. He has a quick wit and sense of humor, and is often cracking witty jokes. (All too often, they are over everyone’s head.) He is the target of husband hunters not just because of this, but also because it is well known that he is extremely rich.
-Hobbies: Having spent so much time amongst rough-neck gold miners in his youth, Alex has a healthy appreciation for the rougher aspects of fun, though he reserves his company for officers rather than the lower ranking soldiers. He would still rather just be outdoors.
-Goals: Alex wants to prove he can be successful on his own, rather than living off his inheritance. So his plan to start a ranch with Xavier is his opportunity to do that. He would also love to find a suitable wife, but figures it’s going to take some time before he can find one that’s interested in more than just his money and good looks.

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