Sunday, August 24, 2008


Do you ever go through your day, music on the radio, thinking about things going on in your life, and feel like your life has a soundtrack? No, just me? Well, ok...

I've had times where I have read books and then heard a song, and said to myself, if they ever make that book a movie, this song should be on its soundtrack!

Well, I don't know if all of my song choices over the years would fit on an ACTUAL soundtrack for the books I read if they were made into movies, but still, when I hear them, I think about those books, or characters, and I am brought back to that world...

I was thinking about this because of a discussion post over at the Romance Banditas, a great blog I found by fellow writers/readers (see related blogs), and got to thinking, what songs might end up on the soundtrack for "Empress" (man, I gotta think up a new title)...

So I was riding in my car today, listening to Depeche Mode... I am a child of the 80's and 90's, yes indeedy, and I dig all that British Pop invasion during that time frame (since I missed the first go-round with the Beatles... speaking of which, who has seen "Across the Universe"? Brilliant!) Ok, back on subject... Depeche Mode... AH!

Ok, so I heard the song 'Judas' from the album "Songs of Faith Love and Devotion", (which is in a tie for fave DM album along with "Violator"), and I thought that the lyrics to that song really speaks about how Malik-Tor feels towards Syndra-Kai during this story, at the point where he feels like he is falling for her, but thinks she really needs to prove herself, since she's been rather deceitful in the beginning...

I will figure out how to get an MP3 player posted up so you can hear the song in its entirety, but for now enjoy a snippet on the mini Amazon player over there...
Here are the lyrics though:

Is simplicity best
Or simply the easiest
The narrowest path
Is always the holiest
So walk on barefoot for me
Suffer some misery
If you want my love
If you want my love

Man will survive
The harshest conditions
And stay alive
Through difficult decisions
So make up your mind for me
Walk the line for me
If you want my love
If you want my love

Idle talk
And hollow promises
Cheating Judases
Doubting Thomases
Don't just stand there and shout it
Do something about it

You can fulfill
Your wildest ambitions
And I'm sure you will
Lose your inhibitions
So open yourself for me
Risk your health for me
If you want my love
If you want my love
If you want my love
If you want my love

Ok, so I might be mad, but this song just hit me and I couldn't stop thinking about it, so I decided to post about it!

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Faye T. Knight said...

So true about the music! I wonder if screenwriters get to make suggestions when they make movies in Hollywood. Hmmmm...along with putting an mp3 player on the side, you could add a widget from amazon that shows all the albums you listen to. Click "get widget" from my page. Great pics!