Saturday, August 9, 2008

Character Development - Lottery

Heroine: Zosephine (Zoe) Maria Benedict – age 32

-Job: Office Secretary
-Appearance: About 5’8”. Honey blonde hair, green eyes. “Statuesque”.
-Intellect: Though Zoe has never had the opportunity to go to college, she studied with Doug while he went, and she has also read a lot, taking her daughters to the library and studying while they did.
-Family: Adopted at age 6. Adoptive family deceased. No memory of biological family. Has two children, Ashley? (16) and Brittany? (8). Husband, Doug, deceased two years.
-History: Zoe cannot remember her childhood prior to the age of 6, when she was adopted. Sometimes she has nightmares of screaming and blood. She was adopted by a loving couple and raised in an average, middle-class home, but she always felt something missing. She ended up pregnant at 15, and Ashley was born when she was 16. She eventually married Ashley’s father, Doug when they graduated. Doug earned a college scholarship, and while Zoe worked odd jobs and took care of Ashley, Doug went to college, and eventually became a veterinarian. Before his death, they appeared to have a picture perfect life, 2 beautiful girls, a nice home, two cars. Doug was killed in a hit and run car accident, and upon his death, it was revealed that he was heavily in debt because of a gambling problem. There were two mortgages on the house and a number of large loans. Zoe had to sell the house and the vet practice, her jewelry and anything else of value to bring down the debt that the life insurance policy wouldn’t cover. She went to work as a secretary to support Ashley and Brittany, but has barely been scraping by. She keeps her kids hopes up each week by buying a lottery ticket and watching the drawing with them.

What Zoe does not remember about her past is that when she was small, her mother worked at a casino and often drank and gambled. When she lost, she would come home and take it out on Zoe, but always hid it from her husband. During one particularly bad episode, Zoe’s father caught her in the act and shot her mother in front of her. Zoe was in shock and taken away while her father went to prison. Zoe has blocked these memories.
-Aspirations: Zoe has finally worked herself debt-free, and is starting to save money for the girl’s college. Her credit is ruined because of her husband, but she is starting to recover. She hopes one day to move to a small town somewhere and maybe open a coffee shop.
-Attitudes: Zoe has always just wanted to be loved, and have a peaceful life. She has been self-sacrificing all her life and she is even more bewildered by her husband’s actions because they never fought, and she had no idea what he had been doing. She is kicking herself for being so naïve and is starting to chafe at the direction her life has taken.
-Perceptions: Zoe has never let on how she feels about things to anyone, covering her emotions with a smile and keeping busy. She has always been that active PTA mom, helping out everyone she meets. She is seen as sweet and loving, and certainly naïve now that the truth about her husband has come out and her circumstances have changed.
-Hobbies: Reading, crafts, gardening, her kids
-Goals: Maybe not for a long time, but when the kids are grown and off to college, Zoe dreams of living in a small town and owning a coffee/book shop.

Hero: Brandon??? – age 34

-Job: Playboy – sole heir to family fortune and investment firm, Brandon has never had a REAL job. He does have a Business Management degree. He’s mostly spent time gambling since gaining access to his trust fund.
-Appearance: About 6’2”. Dark hair and grey eyes. Toned physique, but from gym memberships, not real hard work. Classic “metrosexual”.
-Intellect: Brandon is actually quite intelligent, good with numbers and a fair understanding of business practices, law and politics. Can carry on an intelligent conversation about just about anything.
-Family: Parents and Grandmother (paternal) still living, though quite disappointed in him. Have disowned him since losing his family’s original “plantation” which was included in his trust fund.
-History: Raised to one day inherit and take over the family fortune and investment business, Brandon went to college to study business. Got in some minor trouble with drugs (marijuana) and drinking (a couple DUI’s). Obtained access to his trust fund ($20 million plus the family plantation, which is in disrepair). Proceeded to blow through it with an expensive penthouse in Vegas, fast cars, lots of partying, and not to mention gambling. Foolishly lost his family property with a private card game with a casino “boss”, and promptly disowned. Figures he can redeem himself by wooing and marrying the naïve young lottery winner that’s just bought the property.
-Aspirations: Brandon knows he’s really screwed up this time and figures he’ll get out of it with his charm, getting back the family property and a new fortune in the process.
-Attitudes: Cocky and arrogant. Likes to “dress to impress” and thinks he is irresistible. Always searching for the next good time.
-Perceptions: Like most playboys with no ambition in life, he is not really taken seriously. His life is filled with “friends” that have quickly abandoned him now that he seems to have lost everything.
-Hobbies: Aside from gambling and partying, he enjoys the outdoors and is surprisingly good with kids.
-Goals: Can’t see past getting back the family property and getting Zoe’s money. Figures his family will come around if he can clean up his act.

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