Friday, August 8, 2008

Character Development - Australia

Heroine: Marisa Bailey (?) – age 20

-Job: Former governess, currently a prisoner at penal colony in Western Australia (Frederickstown [Albany]) 1827
-Appearance: About 5’2”. Black hair, blue eyes. Olive toned skin. Slim, but curvaceous.
-Intellect: Educated at formal English boarding school. Gift for languages and grasps book learning quickly. Is naïve when dealing with people, and almost too trusting.
-Family: Mother (Spanish) deceased as child. Raised by Irish father, whereabouts unknown.
-History: Marisa’s father sold himself as an indentured servant to get the money to pay for her boarding school education. He wanted to ensure that she would have a way to support herself. When she completed school, Marisa arrived in London looking for work, and any trace of her father. She secured a position as a governess with a wealthy family, and was happy until their oldest son came home from school on holiday. He propositioned her, and she refused. As revenge, he accused her of stealing. She was convicted and sentenced to 7 years transportation to the penal colony that had been newly established at Frederickstown, in Western Australia.
-Aspirations: She is somewhat resigned to her fate, but she prays that one day she might be able to prove her innocence and find her father.
-Attitudes: She has always been soft-spoken and gentle-natured. Her experiences thus far have toughened her to the harshness that life can be, and she has seen much she wishes to forget. She tries to keep to herself, and thus, has few friends.
-Perceptions: The other women think she is snobbish and that she puts herself on a pedestal. Some of them have taken up with men to earn a living or as protection, and Marisa’s sober attitude and seriousness brings them down, so they avoid her.
-Hobbies: She loves children and thought she was following her passion as a governess. She loves the beauty of the country, and often volunteers to work outside.
-Goals: She is trying to serve out her sentence as quietly as she can so she can return home (perhaps early) and look for her father.

Hero: Lieutenant Trevor Anderson ? – age 26

-Job: One of the soldiers assigned to the prison detail in Frederickstown, Australia
-Appearance: Honey blonde hair, green eyes, goatee. Very erect, military bearing. Lean and athletic build.
-Intellect: Learns quickly but is not very interested in books. Good head for business, but no place to apply himself. Very logical, as long as emotion does not cloud his judgment.
-Family: Youngest son of a good family, with one older brother and one older sister. All still living in England.
-History: As the second son, he did what was expected of him and joined the military when his schooling was complete, though he has no love for it. Rather hot-headed, he got in trouble while gambling for starting a bar brawl. Part of his punishment was being sent to Australia. He feels bored, stifled by the restrictions, and angry.
-Aspirations: He does not hate his brother for being the family heir, but he does feel somewhat cheated because he has nothing of his own. Although he hates the circumstances that have brought him here, he is falling in love with the Australian countryside, and is thinking of staying to build his fortune in the new territory.
-Attitudes: Doesn’t know how to express himself very well, and often finds himself angry and frustrated, with no outlet. Prone to violent outbursts. Has a good sense of humor when at ease, and doesn’t like to see people mistreated.
-Perceptions: He is well liked when in a good mood, but people are very careful not to arouse his anger.
-Hobbies: Hunting and fishing, playing cards
-Goals: By supplementing his income with gambling, and with nowhere to really spend it, he is saving to claim his own homestead.

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